The Delhi Gang-Rape victim died in Singapore

A woman who has been severely gang-raped in New Delhi lost her life on Friday in Singapore, said the chief doctor of Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore. This gang-rape case made the entire Indians to know the safety of women in the country. This is the case which was taken in to consideration and being interrogated but there are many other cases which do not came in to light and hence one can understand the critical condition of women in the country where women were given utmost respect (in the olden days).

Dr.Kevin Loh, the chief executive of Mount Elizabeth said that she take her last breath in peace with her family members by side and Indian officials also joined her and everyone in the hospital mourned in her loss. The chief doctor said that her condition remained in a critical condition when she was brought to Singapore from India in a flight. Even her pulse rates dropped to a worst condition in the flight where the doctors could not find her pulse for 3 minutes. In the Mount Elizabeth hospital, eight doctors started to treat her and tried their maximum to save her but her condition was deteriorating from the time when she was flown to Singapore, the chief doctor stated.

The girl along with her male friend got in to a bus after watching a film on December 16 night. The brutal criminals raped her after injuring her male friend and inserted an iron rod int o her body which is the reason for different organs damage and infections. Every organ started to infect even when she was being treated in the hospital and the infection has spread to brain even and finally her lungs stopped functioning and she finally lost her life. The doctors appreciated her will to live even under critical condition. This incident shocked the entire nation and lead to great protests all over the country to strict the safety rules for women in the country.

Many women and girls were being raped in the country and only some cases are brought in to the police station as some women are committing suicide as they cannot have courage to face the remaining people. But it is worse to hear that some politicians are blaming the women for roaming on the roads during night times and cursing them for wearing the short dresses. The aggressive criminals are not leaving the girl children even as there are many cases where 8 year old girl was raped and killed. So, one can understand the critical condition of girls and women in the country.

India got independence on 15th August 1947 but still the women were not given freedom to roam on roads in the night times. According to the Press trust of India, when the girl was raped and gave complaint to the police station, the police men started to ask aggressive questions regarding the rape case and not in a position to take action against the accused, reported by PTI. Because of this, a police officer was also dismissed as he rejected to register a complaint against the rape case.

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Mini Guide to Goa

Goa is famous for its beaches which is attracting many tourists towards it. the white sand, warm water, swaying palms are the attractions of Goa. The visitors or tourists to Goa cannot return without tasting Goan fish curry and Sofiyai biriyani. The best food that one can get in Goa is Puffed rice and Mango which is a snack of Mumbai and you can also find bhel puri on the roadsides and also there are many restaurants which serve the special dish Bhindi Jaipuri. Thali is also available in restaurants for rupees of 45. Early in the morning, you can find chai on the roadsides that makes you feel tasty.

You can also tastes of different beaches from different beaches in goa and the ferries nearby the rivers will have big fishing nets and the fishes dish will be prepared instantly. Pav Bhaji can be taken as breakfast on the roadsides of Goa which is liked by many travelers. The tourists can take a bike for daily rent and can enjoy rides on Goa roads.

Accommodation and Places to relax:
Family guesthouses are present in southern region of Goa i.e., a village named Benaulim. Taj Exatica Hotel with gardens, Ayurvedic doctors and holistic treatment that spread in 56 acres is present in Benaulim which provides more comfort to the travelers or visitors. The southwestern beach present in Goa is very silent with less distractions and disturbances and so one can enjoy the sounds of waves from the beach. Also, there are beaches which facilitate for swimming and also there will be yoga classes nearby beaches.

Local Culture:
There are many churches in the northern Goa and the highlight of Goa is Asia's largest church. On every week start day, you can enjoy the large gathering and prayers. Divar Island is a beautiful island that one cannot forget and you can go there through ferries from old Goa. On the island, the people will celebrate large fests, performs dances, singing in the month of January.

Place to Stay:
Sevas is a beach where you can find many hotels with beautiful gardens, yoga classes at cheaper prices. Panjim peoples have an outstanding atmosphere with well furnished cottages,bathtubs, antique statues and so on. Noi varo is another Portuguese mansion which is very costly and luxurious.

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Gangnam Style reached One Billion Views in YouTube

Gangnam style is the first video with more than one billion views in YouTube. This song is a South Korean album by psy which is released in July and this song brought worldwide fame to Psy. The Google owner said that more than 10 millions of people are viewing this video daily on an average. Before gangnam style, the most viewed song in youtube is Justin Bieber's music Video baby but Gangnam style break the records with more than 10 million views daily. Youtube trends manager said that Gangnam style is the best example for the catchy music with different dance steps and hence said that people are very impressed by Gangnam style and that is the reason of so many views.

The song already got about $8 million from the YouTube as it is the most downloaded and most viewed video with many ads and also TV programs. Hence, we can say that the YouTube is free to promote a video  and also one can earn from those views. This Gangnam style raised question that whether every artist should go in this comedy way to get a hit of his/her album but anyways this style can be considered as a template for the other artists. Also, this video is an example for how to take help of social networks and YouTube to promote an album.

The BBC radio DJ said that everyone got amazed about the phenomenon of the song and how it spread to the entire world. He said that he first saw the show in America and thought that it was funny but never expected that the song will be such a big hit. He said that he has created Guinness World Records as the most liked YouTube video and also Psy said that he never tried to do such a video and this was unexpected. The main reason why everyone liked and laughed about the video is that one cannot understand the lyrics of the music as the music will dominate the lyrics.

The hair stylist of gangnam style said that he also never expected that this song will become such a massive hit in the entire world. Scooter Braun is the first person to tweet this video's link in the internet. Also, this video is nominated best in MTV Europe Music Awards in about 20 countries. Gangnam style crossed the views of baby album which stood as best before Gangnam style. After the huge success of gangnam style, Psy said that he never wanted to represent his country and he hate the word responsibility. Soon, the gangnam style will be released half in korea and half in English in 2013.

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Sachin Tendulkar announced his retirement from 50-over game

Sachin Tendulkar, the best batsman in India has now announced his retirement from one day cricket match on Sunday. He spend almost 23 years in the cricket field with his outstanding performance in every match creating the best and world records every time. The best ODI batsman will never be in the blue Indian dress and this is making the Indians to feel sad. Tendulkar said that no one forced him to retire and this retirement decision is his own. The statement released from BCCI said by Tendulkar is that he is blessed to be a part of World Cup winning Indian team and cannot play for the next world cup match in 2015.

Master blaster Sachin spoke to N Srinivasan, president of BCCI and gave his retirement from ODI. Also, Tendulkar thanked all his supporters without whom he would not be in a place as he is in now. He blessed the remaining team all the best for the rest of their futures as team player. But, before his retirement sachin wanted to play last ODI with Pakistan but unfortunately gave his retirement without playing with Pakistan. The board of directors said that Sachin has been extending his retirement date for quite sometime and has now given retirement willingly.

Sachin's ODI records:
Matches: 463
Runs: 18,426
centureis: 49
50s: 96

Also, Sachin is the only one cricketer who scored 200 in ODI and no one can dare to reach his outstanding records in ODI and still can go through a long way in his career. He is not only great in ODIs but also stood great in Test matches with excellent score records. He is very committed to cricket such that one can take him out of the cricket but not cricket out of him. But as this retirement his own decision, it is our part to respect his decision and remember his suggestions, said by the teammate.

Tendulkar said that sacrifice is everyone's part of life and it is the time for him to sacrifice himself from ODI. But he is coming back on to the filed in March to play against Australia in test matches will be played at Home. So, we have to wait until March to see Sachin again on the fields.

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Olivia Culpo as Miss Universe of 2012

For the first time in 15 years, Rhode Islander got the Miss Universe crown back to the United states. Her beauty and Stumble nature on the stage will point out that women can achieve anything in this world. In the Miss Universe competition held on Wednesday 19th December 2012 in Las Vegas, Olivia Culpo has been crowned as the Miss Universe. Almost 88 beauty queens participated in the Miss Universe competition and Olivia Culpo acquired the crown finally.

Olivia Culpo from U.S when she crowned Miss Universe in the Miss Universe competition held in Las Vegas on Dec 19, 2012
Olivia Culpo during the crowning of Miss Universe after her win.
Olivia expression after the Miss Universe result announcement with Miss Philippines, Janine Tugonon (left) on Wednesday night.

The Miss Universe competition was held at Planet Hollywood casino on Wednesday night where Olivia is given Miss Universe role. On the stage she said that women can achieve anything in this world if she really wants it.

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