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Rise of 3D Printing and Printer Makers

How would it be if you can print your imagination on a piece of paper? It can be done with the help of 3D printers and this process is called 3D printing. Your imagination can be loaded in to a computer program and then you can have your imagination in to real objects with the help of these 3D printers. Of course, this is not a new technology. But it is fantastic if you have 3D printer in your home and all the credit belongs to MakerBot who first introduced 3D printers and he is only the reason why 3D printing is more accessible to a common man.

If you got any idea of making a picture to be real, then immediately you can get that in 3D printer. For domestic use, the speed is not a big criteria whereas for industrial use, the prototype will be much faster compared to the home use. It is absoulte that 3D printers are going to bring revolution in the entire Industry. The founder of MakerBot, Bre Pettis explained more capabilities of 3D printers.

Inspiration for Makerbot:

Makerbot said that when 3D printers first came in to existence, they were too expensive to affor them. Later after working as a hobby, they finally succeeded in making 3D printers that are affordable even by a middle class person such that the people can keep these printers in their homes itself. The first 3D printer by Makerbot is named as Hobbyist and then followed by Replicator 2. These pritners are suitable for both domestic use and also for entrepreneurs.

The profession team which consists of designers, architects, engineers are working a lot to improve the speed of prototype. Before the start up of makerbot, we have to wait for over months to get a prototype. But after the Makerbot, you can get that in hours also. Also, doctors can take help of these 3D printers when they want to see the appearance of tumor before making a surgery. Before MakerBot, it cost around $1000 but after the MakerBot, it is now only a few dollars. As it is made of plastic, it will not last for a long time. 

Before the launch of 3D printers by Makerbot, the 3D printers were in a size of refrigerator or even bigger. Also, they costs more about $2.5 million as highest price and $60,000 as the least price. Hence, Makerbot made 3D printers of reasonable cost and size for desktop. The founder of makerbot felt proud that the users of Makerbot printers are the future designers.   

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