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Will iPhone 5S be the next smart phone by Apple?

iPhone is penetrating in to the smart world with its latest models that comes with latest updated technologies. The latest model by Apple up to now is iPhone 5 with lot of latest features embedded in it. Hence, the rumors are being spread about its next smart phone: whether the next model will be called as iPhone 5S or iPhone6? The reason for the name iPhone 5s is, Apple released iPhone 4s after iPhone 4.

The rumors about iPhone 5S are: The test trials of the next coming iPhone is likely to start in the next month and also the next version of iPhone will be released with iOS 7. This new big product is likely to be released in the mid-2013. The development in the digital world lead to the development of new processors with many latest features.The next big product of Apple is also going to consider 64-bit A7 Chip. Other than this, A6X processor will also be suitable for the next version of iPhone.

Although iPhone 5S ( the next coming iPhone) will look similar to the iPhone 5, it will be still faster and also much smoother.

Coming to the iPhone family history:
3G -----> 3GS
4    -----> 4S
5    -----> 5S ( expected series)

Apple's next iPhone is likely to be released not at least October 2013 and until then, ipad4 will be in front of us very soon. The main drawback of the present iPhone 5 is unwanted scratches when we are taking off from its case. Hence, Apple is thinking of a Liquid Metal Alloy for its back case in order to get rid of scratches. The iPhone 5S doesn't differ in the design from iPhone 5 but the difference is in its size and also the performance.

The astonishing feature of this coming iPhone 5S is the wireless charging. When this iPhone is placed on an induction base, then the phone can be charged with out connecting it to any socket. But during this wireless charging, one cannot make a call or lift it. So the question here is it really needed to sacrifice an important call for wireless charging?

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