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Gangnam Style reached One Billion Views in YouTube

Gangnam style is the first video with more than one billion views in YouTube. This song is a South Korean album by psy which is released in July and this song brought worldwide fame to Psy. The Google owner said that more than 10 millions of people are viewing this video daily on an average. Before gangnam style, the most viewed song in youtube is Justin Bieber's music Video baby but Gangnam style break the records with more than 10 million views daily. Youtube trends manager said that Gangnam style is the best example for the catchy music with different dance steps and hence said that people are very impressed by Gangnam style and that is the reason of so many views.

The song already got about $8 million from the YouTube as it is the most downloaded and most viewed video with many ads and also TV programs. Hence, we can say that the YouTube is free to promote a video  and also one can earn from those views. This Gangnam style raised question that whether every artist should go in this comedy way to get a hit of his/her album but anyways this style can be considered as a template for the other artists. Also, this video is an example for how to take help of social networks and YouTube to promote an album.

The BBC radio DJ said that everyone got amazed about the phenomenon of the song and how it spread to the entire world. He said that he first saw the show in America and thought that it was funny but never expected that the song will be such a big hit. He said that he has created Guinness World Records as the most liked YouTube video and also Psy said that he never tried to do such a video and this was unexpected. The main reason why everyone liked and laughed about the video is that one cannot understand the lyrics of the music as the music will dominate the lyrics.

The hair stylist of gangnam style said that he also never expected that this song will become such a massive hit in the entire world. Scooter Braun is the first person to tweet this video's link in the internet. Also, this video is nominated best in MTV Europe Music Awards in about 20 countries. Gangnam style crossed the views of baby album which stood as best before Gangnam style. After the huge success of gangnam style, Psy said that he never wanted to represent his country and he hate the word responsibility. Soon, the gangnam style will be released half in korea and half in English in 2013.

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