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Park Geun-hye: First Female President in South Korea

Park Geun-hye created a history in South -Korea by becoming the first female president in the presidential elections. She is from Saenuri party and defeated Moon Jae-in of democratic party not by gaining narrow points but with great difference in the points. In downtown Seoul, she interacted with almost all media people and said that she will sure fulfill every promise that she made in her campaign. She vowed that in her presidential rule, everyone will get what they dream and will lead a happy life. She left the stage with a bouquet of flowers but hardly gave any speech on the stage.

Park with a certificate which states her election victory  on December 20, 2012

Park bowing in front of her father's grave who is country's former dictator.

Park waving to her supporters in front of the party office on December 19, 2012.

South Koreans coming out of poling booths with their children even in freezing temperatures.

South Koreans Election Commission counting the votes from the ballots on December 19, 2012.
Moon Jae-in congratulated Park for her success as the first female president. Totally, 76 percent of voters voted in the presidential elections even the temperature is very low all over the country. All the voters in their sweaters stood for a long time in the queue and voted their votes for their contestant. The previous president Lee Myung-bak completed his five year term from 2007 and now, the elections were conducted in which park has been elected by the people.

It is actually not the first time for Park to step in to presidential blue house as she lived there in 1970 when her mother was killed by the gunman. The only challenge park is going to face is threat from Pyonyang and also the challenges before her were welfare costs, economic growth, income disparity and etc., Park's father also served the nation until 1961 and later was assassinated by his intelligence agency itself. Park is going to take charge as president of South Korea on February 25, 2013.

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