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Samsung's Galaxy Camera has been launched in Japan

Samsung has proved its power in the phone market and now entered in to the camera market also. Recently, the company launched Galaxy camera with many stunning features in Japan. The team members said that this camera is provided with a facility of Wi-Fi so that one can upload pictures wirelessly to any social networking sites and also transfer photos to computer without cable connection.

Also, one can connect Galaxy camera to any mobile network or through Wi-Fi and can transfer photos and videos. The other companies Sony, Panasonic, Nikon and Canon are being worried as the Samsung Galaxy would occupy the entire digital camera market in Japan. As Samsung is a large brand in the digital world, people will accept the galaxy cameras by Samsung without any hesitation. It is well known to everyone that Samsung has unique place in the electronic devices world and hence its spread from smart phones to digital camera adds as an advantage to the company.

Samsung's entry in to the digital camera and imaging business is headed by JK Shin, who is responsible for the Samsung's three-forth profit. He opined that Samsung's camera business is just started and is going to sweep the entire market and will surely get supremacy over the other companies like Panasonic, canon, Nikon and others. The Samsung team felt very proud that the introduction of camera will sure bring revolution in the communication world. The team faced good reviews on camera from both Europe and United States in the last month.

  1. Screen : LCD touch screen
  2. Size     : 4.8 inches
  3. Zoom  : 21X optical Zoom lens
The camera supports access to the internet and facilitates sending photos to other networks using 4G and games can also be played. The best features that can be seen in this camera are optical lens, better flash, better zoom, stabilization of image, quality of pictures. The main inspiration of high quality pictures is Facebook Inc which introduced shoot and share pictures. The Samsung's Galaxy camera is available to the customers at a cost of $499.99.

In spite of Samsung's camera, Nikon and canon are also releasing cameras with latest outstanding features like mirror less camera, Android embedded wi-fi supported camera, interchangeable lens camera and so on.

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