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Smart Phones being threatened by Cyber Crimes in 2013

In the present year, the sales of smart phones are increased to a larger extent and so the cyber crimes are also being increased as most of the personal information are stored in the smart phones now-a-days. According to cyber threats in 2013, it was found that many developed and comfortable methods are being used in order to capture all the personalized data and other online information.

In the coming year, some cyber threats have to be considered very seriously. some of them were given below:
  • Cloud-based Bot nets: The present computing resources are making the cyber criminals to loot all the information of the people in their smart phones. The best example is that the cyber criminals are using the credit cards that are stolen for making dangerous clusters and hence loots the personal information of the owner.
  • Poisoning the Search history: The cyber criminals are using advanced mechanisms and many algorithms to search the history and control the internet information automatically according to their wish. Hence, the criminals can track all the search history of the users very easily with their highly developed mechanisms and algorithms. 
  • Digital Wallet and Mobile Browser Vulnerabilities: Except some smart phones in US, the remaining smart phones are making cyber criminals to attack their browser information and also details of the digital wallet. 
These are some of the cyber threats that are threatening all over the world. So, the researchers are finding new threats every time and giving necessary solutions to the government and people to get rid of these cyber criminals. The business men and other people are storing all their data in to their smart phones and  so the cyber criminals are also increasing their efforts to attack on such type of personal data.

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