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The Future: Voice Recognition in Computers

The revolution in computer world is going in step by step from large computers to personal computers, laptops and notebooks. The technology reached to touch screens and now the future of the computers is expected to have voice recognition for the computers. But the question here is that is voice recognition in computers really possible? At present, the computers understands our instructions when we give those instructions through mouse or keyboard. But in future, if we want to make computer understand our words directly, what should we do?

Google has invested lot of money in developing free chrome tool that can understand our words and type on the screen automatically. Of course, this may not be a new technology as it is already introduced in smart phones like Samsung Galaxy SIII and in some other phones by Samsung. Hence, this is not a new idea but introduction of voice recognition in computers bring a great revolution from traditional typing at present.

Although voice recognition is introduced, accuracy is missing in the software and hence accuracy has to be developed in order to introduce voice recognition in computers in the coming future. It is not perfectly known whether voice recognition is useful for personal use. But business people are going to gain a lot from this tool (voice recognition) because they can send e-mails, send messages, call when they are busy by just simply saying words. With voice recognition, one can do simultaneous works.

They can write in a document or can perform their tasks in excel sheet without having personal touch to the computer. The technology has to be perfected in order to apply this voice recognition in computers. Also, one can search anything by simply uttering the words and the computer can easily understand the words and search the appropriate content. This is already introduced in Apple by Siri and Siri users are enjoying this by searching anything they want without typing.

Also, Apple users are not asked to repeat their query by the software and hence the accuracy rate is high. So, the computer will give the response according to the query by the user. Also, motion control is an another software before users which make them easier to post query to the computer. Motion control and voice recognition is not an alternative to any other software whereas it is simply a new concept. To have successful voice recognition software in computers, the software needs innovation rather than perfectness.

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